Sea Shells from Indonesia . Commercial and Specimen Seashells from Indonesia by CV Maya.
We're able to supply tropical sea shells in various sizes. Our shells comes from Indonesian ocean. If you looking for a specific sea shells and not listed here, please email us your photo.


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Sea shells from Indonesia. We're able to supply you gem quality Indonesian shells. India Seashells, mostly Indo-Pacific, souvenir items, indonesia, Philippine Shells, marine specimen shells, cowries and cones, Cypraea conidae volutidae muricidae, fine+ gem worldwide specimens, Indo-Pacific Solomons, land shells marine, land freshwater, literature, nautilus, West Australian Seashells, Cypraea Conus Cypraea, Zoila,Volutes, landsnails.

Tropical Sea shells from Indonesia which currently available

Sea Shells from Indonesia

Spider shells are exotic-looking, very large and elegant. Often seen on display as individual shells on a shelf or in shop window decorations, bathrooms, etc. Lambis truncata are approx. 20-25cm (8-10") in size and also look great combined with other shells as a group display.

sea shells dealers in Indonesia

large Cassis cornuta, showing a bright and shiny peach-coloured aperture and typical exotic shape. Over 23 cm (10" and up) in size, these very large and beautiful shells are much in demand as objects for modern interior design applications. When size is important, a beautiful shell like this will make a statement. Please note that these XL specimens will be too large for most book shelves. Naturally, a spectacular shell of this size will represent a desirable gift for any seashell collector.

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Nautilus shells have always been a favorite for single display on a shelf or as exotic table decorations. These good-sized Australian specimens of the beautifully curved famous chambered Nautilus pompilius are approx. 12-15cm (5-6") in size with typical exotic tiger-stripe pattern. We also have individually priced larger shells available.

nautilus shells from Indonesia

Tun shells are some of the most desirable large-sized ornamental shells available. The delicate rounded Western Australian Tonnas look beautiful in any arrangement but are also suitable for single display, with their pale tan/honey surface colour and contrasting dark brown and white spotting. A superb addition to any shell collection or display, the Tun shells are approx. 8-15cm (3.5-6") in size and would look perfect anywhere (Available numbers are limited).

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Spider shells also called Lambis millipedes, are approx. 10-12cm (4 - 5") in size, with a pretty, dark pattern on the back and a pale cream aperture. The underside of the spines is a cute peach/orange colour! Their fun exotic shape make them invaluable additions to small group displays of seashells or suitable for table deco at conventions or weddings, etc.

Scallop Shells from Indonesia

Spider shells also called Lambis lambis are approx 18cm - up to a whopping 25cm (7-10") in size, with a busy and intricate dark pattern on the back and a pale cream aperture. These fabulous exotic specimens are perfect additions to any small, fun group of shells, single display on a shelf or great as elaborate table centrepieces. The larger specimens are well suited for gifts.

Conch Shells from Indonesia

White spiny murex shells. These extra small white Aphorrais Shells are striking examples of the marvellous diversity available. In a size of 3-3.5cm (1 1/2"), suitable for many jewellery, arts and craft projects, the shells offer striking shape and elegance.

Ark Clams from Indonesia

Spirula shells from Indonesia. These delicate, white "Ram's Horn Shells" from the Western Australian beaches are beautifully ornamental. Although relatively fragile and small at 1.5-2cm (0.5"), Spirula spirula are much in demand for craft work like windowed cards, custom framing or sailor's valentines. Superbly decorative when sprinkled among glassware & linen as table decoration or when added to white/off-white shell arrangements.

We're sea shells dealers in Indonesia, sea shells company and sea shells exporter. List of Sea Shells from Indonesia which we able to supply to you. This is only some of them. We have many more. Please email us if your favourite sea shells not shown here.

These sea shells comes from all over Indonesia. Some come directly from divers or sailors. While others comes from small sea shells traders located on smalls islands across Indonesian ocean. When ordering sea shells, please provide us with photos or latin name of the sea shells. We'll try to supply the shells for you.

  • Abalone Asinina
  • Architectonica Perspectiva
  • Babylonia Spirata
  • Banded Turbo Pentholatus
  • Conus Betulinus
  • Conus Leopardus
  • Conus Litteratus
  • Cymbiola Nobilis
  • Cymbiola Vespertilio
  • Cypraea Annulus
  • Trochus Radiatus
  • Cypraea Arabica
  • Cypraea Caputserpentis
  • Cypraea Moneta
  • Cypraea Tigris
  • Cypraea Vitellus
  • Cypraecassis Rufa
  • Goldmouth Turbo
  • Green Troca
  • Hemi Fusus Ternatus
  • Lambis Chiagra
  • Turbo Argyrostoma
  • Melo Amphora
  • Melo Umbilicatus
  • Murex Axicornis
  • Murex Pecten
  • Murex Ramoses
  • Murex Trochelli
  • Pleuroploca Trapezium
  • Polinecis Tumidus
  • Purple Clam
  • Silver Troca
  • Turbo Chrysostoma
  • Silvermouth Turbo
  • Stellaria Solaris
  • Strombus Canarium
  • Strombus Latissimus
  • Strombus Lentiginosus
  • Strombus Luhuanus
  • Strombus Urceus
  • Syrinx Aruanus
  • Terebra Maculata
  • Tibia Fusus
  • Turbo Pentholatus

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